Not Knowing To Know

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Mar 192013

How quickly a month zooms by since cancer kitty’s last ultrasound.

The vet* remains baffled as to why he is still here and what is happening with his insides.

But then again, we have energy in play alongside the drugs.


We’re still taking life Continue reading »

To Know Or Not To Know

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Feb 262013

Driving home from our cancer kitty’s second ultrasound I started thinking about the unknown.


Not knowing much about anything right now is working to our advantage.

Without a clear diagnosis there’s no textbook to follow. Which makes expectations and timelines difficult to set, if not impossible. Everything is up for grabs. Continue reading »

Open To Unexpected

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Nov 022012


I’m not sure I understood what you were trying to say when you were describing oneness and sameness are not the same.

I’m not sure I was focusing on the differences as much as I was trying to help you see differently.

But that is not of matter right now in this moment because you asked of one thing in particular.


Which hasn’t stopped you speaking about another in the past.

I’m glad you noticed.  Continue reading »

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