Different Being The Same

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Jun 262012


I think I can see what you’re saying about the divergences from each other are becoming smaller and less frequent.  There is an alignment of sorts happening where we’re starting to point in the same direction and be on the same page.

You are a scattered people but for all the wrong reasons.

You will continue to Continue reading »

Each New Day Of You

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Jan 132012


Can you talk more about “The more you are you the less alone you become.”  Many would think they become more alone because nobody around them thinks like they do.

And that is good.  One less person thinking the way everyone else does is a good thing.

You have just stepped through the door and thrown it wide open for Continue reading »

Out Of Service

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Dec 142011


Your answer to my question about being in service to you or anyone seemed a little circuitous or unclear in parts.  Can we tackle this again?

There is no need to tackle anything.  The answer is already within your grasp.

Your idea of service is based on the notion of lack.  You want or need something and somebody else will give it to you.

How often do you call Continue reading »

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