Need Or Not

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Dec 142012

I am here what you need me to be.  Quiet, loud – it’s all the same to me.  How you need me – which may not be how you think you need me – I am here.

How’s that for being the radical suggested in MAP – Day 28.

Just as the sun doesn’t stop shining, neither does God go away.

Unanswered prayers really are when we know ourselves deeply.

Which is when radical disappears.





Blow Apart And Together

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Dec 312009


Yesterday’s entry seemed a little bizarre going from radical to sleeping in the light.

That’s because you tried to make logical sense of it.  You want radical but it has to be within the confines of what you know, what makes sense.  Open your mind further than that.  Everything is connected so you may not see the progression from one thought to another – yet.

Does it really matter if they are related in order to make sense of either idea or both?  I tell you this – there are many thoughts to blow your mind.  Take your pick.

Blow your mind apart so you can rebuild it once again.  Continue reading »

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