When Life Is Gross

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Nov 302012

Seeing isn’t just about looking through your eyes. … Feeling is another way of seeing a whole different level.  There is more information in feeling than you’ll ever get with seeing.  The nuances are incredible and so subtle. …  You’ve become so accustomed to seeing you’ve forgotten how to see the details – to really look at the subtleties of what lays before you.

Reading MAP – Day 14 ignited the curiosity bug in the same way as Continue reading »

Be Who Yourself

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Oct 072011


You just proved you need money to be happy.  Having all that money takes away all my worries and lets me have everything I want and dream of.

(I know you are playing here so I will play along.  Play is good.  It lets you be silly when you won’t see the silliness in yourself.)

About all that you proved to yourself is Continue reading »


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Nov 082010

Thought I would make note of what did not go unnoticed.

For several days last week I lamented I needed two weeks out of time.  Everything would stop moving, I would catch up and everything could go again.

I figured two weeks would be just about right.

So what happens …  Continue reading »

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