Almost Too Late

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Jul 312013

Whew – a last chance to write in July. One square on the calendar. But not empty.

When I look back July won’t be empty.

At least on the calendar of posts.


Because July has been quite a ride I will be glad not to live through again.

I could, and would, but really don’t have to. Or need to. Or want to.


The insights will remain and applied.

Time now to move forward, not stay in the past.




Here is the catch up on posts made over at sister site and



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And how could I pass up the opportunity to take a look back over the 13 weeks to see what could be seen in Hanging Out On Hiatus.


One lone square. But there it is. Tethered between after and before.


Allowing Creation

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Jan 162013

This afternoon the unspoken, but very clear message from the vet is we’re headed towards losing a fourth cat in four years.

This is one annual event I will be deeply grateful to see stop.


The curious part is watching myself go through the process, especially since Continue reading »

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