Out Of Opposition

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Oct 292011


You said there will always be forces against me/us.  Is that touching into good and evil?

No.  That is touching into life is always changing and therefore so too are you changing – as is everyone and everything else.

Change happens.

In all directions as well as shapes and sizes.

You may perceive change in a particular way but that does not mean change is what you perceive.

All of you are changing change as you go along.  You influence Continue reading »

What It Means To Be You

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Feb 122011


Back to a couple of days ago.  Won’t things fall apart or not get done if there is no one to lead?

You are confusing leadership with management.

And no, nothing will ever fall apart because is can’t.  It may not look like you want it to but it just is.

You can change what it looks like but it still just is.

So what’s the difference between managing and leading then?  Continue reading »

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