Almost Too Late

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Jul 312013

Whew – a last chance to write in July. One square on the calendar. But not empty.

When I look back July won’t be empty.

At least on the calendar of posts.


Because July has been quite a ride I will be glad not to live through again.

I could, and would, but really don’t have to. Or need to. Or want to.


The insights will remain and applied.

Time now to move forward, not stay in the past.




Here is the catch up on posts made over at sister site and



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Cracked Open

Look No Further


And how could I pass up the opportunity to take a look back over the 13 weeks to see what could be seen in Hanging Out On Hiatus.


One lone square. But there it is. Tethered between after and before.


On A Whim

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Jun 012013

After the protracted time I had writing about passion, taking a dive into whimsy was as good as splashed with cool water on a hot summer day.

I appreciate more than ever my whimsical nature. Tapping into the lighter side of life helps break the flow of spiraling energy.

And it’s just plain fun to be silly at times for no reason at all.

Or try something different at the drop of a dime.


The freedom we seek really is just a whim away.

A Dogs Life



Detouring Towards Answers

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May 232013

I still can’t believe the difficulty I had finding inspiration to write about passion this week.

Seriously? I have a ton to say and yet nothing flowed or gained traction.

Not the right time I could only tell myself.

Answers Not Always Ahead


What became clearer, however, was the remembrance not every answer is found by barreling in head on.

The more attention I paid to passion, the more I shut down.

The more I shut down, the harder I barreled in.


Only when I turned my thoughts elsewhere did I see a flash here or a snippet there of where passion flowed.

Then just as quickly they vanished the moment I tried to see what appeared.

The less I paid direct attention, the more I saw.


Only in a desperate attempt to start somewhere did I clue in at the end of sentence two as to what was wanting to be written – having no clear path forward.

The second dive into passion was no easier. Starting out with only the word ‘complacency’ as direction, the full message remained frustratingly just out of reach until well into evening – passion keeps us from settling for what we have now because there is so much more ahead in who we can be.


Of course, now with the pressure off, the flow around passion has much more more ease.

We like to think straight ahead feels much nicer, but isn’t always the most fruitful direction to be traveled.

No Problem Too Small

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May 172013

I’ve been hyper-aware of creativity this week thanks to the spotlight shone by Bliss Habits.

Taking an honest look at my own story around who I am creatively caused me to see anew what creativity really is – a vibration, an energy, a flow.

Not the end or a beginning, not a process or result. Those are best left for derivative words like creator, creation and create.

Which doesn’t make them less, just different. More facets of Continue reading »

Order Of Chaos

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May 082013

Chaos gets a bad rap.

Concentrated energy in a small space of time is powerfully uncomfortable. Something we don’t believe capable of handling.

But we can, and do.

Chaotic Order


Perhaps upheaval is a good thing. We take notice. Continue reading »

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