Detouring Towards Answers

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May 232013

I still can’t believe the difficulty I had finding inspiration to write about passion this week.

Seriously? I have a ton to say and yet nothing flowed or gained traction.

Not the right time I could only tell myself.

Answers Not Always Ahead


What became clearer, however, was the remembrance not every answer is found by barreling in head on.

The more attention I paid to passion, the more I shut down.

The more I shut down, the harder I barreled in.


Only when I turned my thoughts elsewhere did I see a flash here or a snippet there of where passion flowed.

Then just as quickly they vanished the moment I tried to see what appeared.

The less I paid direct attention, the more I saw.


Only in a desperate attempt to start somewhere did I clue in at the end of sentence two as to what was wanting to be written – having no clear path forward.

The second dive into passion was no easier. Starting out with only the word ‘complacency’ as direction, the full message remained frustratingly just out of reach until well into evening – passion keeps us from settling for what we have now because there is so much more ahead in who we can be.


Of course, now with the pressure off, the flow around passion has much more more ease.

We like to think straight ahead feels much nicer, but isn’t always the most fruitful direction to be traveled.

This Way Please

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Jan 082013

Usually when I start to veer off track I feel gentle nudges steering me back on course. Something along the lines of bumper bowling.

After ignoring those nudges for a few weeks, the bumper pads turned into the walls of a narrow passage that had no give whatsoever to them.

Everything I tried to do in order to move in the direction I thought was forward, was met with heavy slogging, resistance and a severe loss of inspiration.

If I wasn’t going to pay attention then I was going to be made to pay attention.

As soon as I started taking away the things tugging at my focus I could feel the path ahead open up once again. Inspiration and energy are coming back too.


Seems I’m not the only one experiencing this narrowing of the path for our own good. The inherent message is “time to get on with it. The time for fooling around with distractions is gone. This way please.”

If you feel like you’re in an uphill battle or nothing is going your way, step back and take a look where your energy and attention is focused.

Are you busying yourself with “other stuff” instead of getting on with it, even if you don’t know what “it” is?


The important piece right now is not to know what “it” is, but to stop being busy and creating distractions. Create some space and openings for yourself. Murky waters will become clear.

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