Christmas Past

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Dec 252012

Reflections on Christmas past to make what’s old new again …



whatever you seek is already inside of you.  … Go now and listen to the message you have to share. … Raise yourself higher to a vantage point that allows you to open yourself up to greater possibilities.  The possibility [of] what you have to share needs to be heard.

There is nothing we are Continue reading »

Bright As Can Be

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Dec 132012

I almost hit gobsmacked reading MAP – Day 27 again, especially since what I’d forgotten this conversation.

My brightness came from a world of discovery, a love of learning, of being curious about the world.  I saw myself becoming dull  and more dull  the more I tried to get good grades and play their game.


So here in a conversation about being a bright child in school, I’m delivered a timely reminder about playing the game.

In fact I was having a very Continue reading »

Get Naked

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Dec 122012

Do not hold the secret of your beauty within you. It is not intended to be hidden. That isn’t in the design.

How appropriate the message on “Boxing Day” – MAP – Day 26 – was all about unwrapping ourselves for all to see, even though they can already.

Giving voice – or light – to that which we’ve been holding inside is incredibly freeing.

We’ve been waiting Continue reading »

Creation Of Light

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Dec 042012

Think of a kaleidoscope and all the magic it holds.  You change that so easily.  You do not hold it in the same place all the time.  You delight in seeing more, how the light changes as you roll it around.

I love the analogy of a kaleidoscope introduced in MAP – Day 18.

Light passes through multi-coloured particles and reflects off mirrors to create the image we see.

Light also passes through our Continue reading »

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