Not Knowing To Know

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Mar 192013

How quickly a month zooms by since cancer kitty’s last ultrasound.

The vet* remains baffled as to why he is still here and what is happening with his insides.

But then again, we have energy in play alongside the drugs.


We’re still taking life Continue reading »

Floor Of Stories

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Feb 102013

After spending time yesterday on hands and knees cleaning the hardwood floor, I have to wonder if human beings evolved to stand erect so they wouldn’t see what the floors really look like most of the time.

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Allowing Creation

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Jan 162013

This afternoon the unspoken, but very clear message from the vet is we’re headed towards losing a fourth cat in four years.

This is one annual event I will be deeply grateful to see stop.


The curious part is watching myself go through the process, especially since Continue reading »

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