Each New Day Of You

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Jan 132012


Can you talk more about “The more you are you the less alone you become.”  Many would think they become more alone because nobody around them thinks like they do.

And that is good.  One less person thinking the way everyone else does is a good thing.

You have just stepped through the door and thrown it wide open for Continue reading »

Who’s Going First?

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Jan 122012


I have a hard time believing we are all supposed to move beyond our game.  That’s 7 billion people we’re talking about with very different lives and concerns.

I did not say you all had to move at once or to the same place.

If you all stopped playing your current game and moved to the next, your world would be a very different place.

And for some of you to move, others will Continue reading »

Spread Yourself Around

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Oct 162011


Yesterday‘s writing sounded a little political.

Everything is political because politics is about how you organize yourselves.

You are always organizing so you are always politicking.

You might want to consider that the time has come to change your politics to reflect where you want to go rather than where you came from.

You have an example of that being tried but has not gone so well.

Many of you said you desire change yet you fell into old habits and were not willing to change too.  Continue reading »

Another Route To Abundance

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Apr 282011

Whether you are starting a business, growing your business or more importantly expanding yourself, this speech Seth Godin gave last year on his book Linchpin is worth the watch.

Godin takes us on an interestingly different journey leading back around to another facet of abundance.  Check out his blog entry for the password.

Seth Godin’s Road Trip – Part 1

From Seth Godin on Vimeo.

Continue reading »

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