When Life Is Gross

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Nov 302012

Seeing isn’t just about looking through your eyes. … Feeling is another way of seeing a whole different level.  There is more information in feeling than you’ll ever get with seeing.  The nuances are incredible and so subtle. …  You’ve become so accustomed to seeing you’ve forgotten how to see the details – to really look at the subtleties of what lays before you.

Reading MAP – Day 14 ignited the curiosity bug in the same way as Continue reading »

Being Beyond Yourself

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Oct 272012


Are you speaking of empathy when you talked of feeling what another feels instead of needing to have their experience.

Your notions of empathy have an element of having to have been there in order to understand.

Know that you already are.

In your connectedness what happens to another happens to you if you allow that to happen.


Keep your distance and Continue reading »

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