Creation Of Light

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Dec 042012

Think of a kaleidoscope and all the magic it holds.  You change that so easily.  You do not hold it in the same place all the time.  You delight in seeing more, how the light changes as you roll it around.

I love the analogy of a kaleidoscope introduced in MAP – Day 18.

Light passes through multi-coloured particles and reflects off mirrors to create the image we see.

Light also passes through our Continue reading »

Being Beyond Yourself

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Oct 272012


Are you speaking of empathy when you talked of feeling what another feels instead of needing to have their experience.

Your notions of empathy have an element of having to have been there in order to understand.

Know that you already are.

In your connectedness what happens to another happens to you if you allow that to happen.


Keep your distance and Continue reading »

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