May 012013

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been asked to write a regular Wednesday series called Living Bliss for

While capturing some additional thoughts on my first column about Joy, I was reminded of similarities between joy, change and relativity

size doesn’t matter.

Joy will take any opening we allow.


Balls Of Joy


We look for crevices when a crack, the tiniest of cracks, will do.

Less than ten seconds is all joy needs to grab hold and slip through.

Waiting for the right moment or expecting to find joy a specific way keeps the exact thing we desire at bay.


Glance at a sunset. Laugh for no reason. Watch something sleeping breathe.

Sing a ditty off key.

Exhale until you can’t anymore.


Let joy in so joy can work its magic for you.

Small cracks turn into crevices before the blink of an eye.


Decide, let go a little bit more and allow joy to flow through.


Nov 172012

Sitting down to write I could feel something was off.   I was supposed to be looking somewhere else.

Was today “the day”?


A few weeks ago I realized the three year anniversary of the first MAP writing was coming up.  Might be fun to see what was written in those early days.

But two things were working against me.

Other than mid-November-ish I wasn’t sure of Continue reading »

Open To Unexpected

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Nov 022012


I’m not sure I understood what you were trying to say when you were describing oneness and sameness are not the same.

I’m not sure I was focusing on the differences as much as I was trying to help you see differently.

But that is not of matter right now in this moment because you asked of one thing in particular.


Which hasn’t stopped you speaking about another in the past.

I’m glad you noticed.  Continue reading »

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