When Life Is Gross

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Nov 302012

Seeing isn’t just about looking through your eyes. … Feeling is another way of seeing a whole different level.  There is more information in feeling than you’ll ever get with seeing.  The nuances are incredible and so subtle. …  You’ve become so accustomed to seeing you’ve forgotten how to see the details – to really look at the subtleties of what lays before you.

Reading MAP – Day 14 ignited the curiosity bug in the same way as Continue reading »

Instrument Of Change

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Nov 252012

The tension spots are a point at which you know change can occur so look for those. Be aware of them for they are the point at which you can break the old energy – however it may appear – and start or try something new or different.  … They have the least resistance – sort of a weak spot in all the rest of the tension but a point of breakage.

MAP – Day 9 provides a different way to Continue reading »

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