No Problem Too Small

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May 172013

I’ve been hyper-aware of creativity this week thanks to the spotlight shone by Bliss Habits.

Taking an honest look at my own story around who I am creatively caused me to see anew what creativity really is – a vibration, an energy, a flow.

Not the end or a beginning, not a process or result. Those are best left for derivative words like creator, creation and create.

Which doesn’t make them less, just different. More facets of Continue reading »

Unexpected Connections

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Jun 252011

I love questions than answers.   Unless of course the answers lead to even more intriguing questions.

No surprise then how much I connected Tim Hurson‘s talk at TEDxMaastricht on asking better questions and the unexpected connections that result.

It’s really, really hard to ask questions that you don’t know the answer to. Continue reading »

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