Nov 112012

The newest member of the house is 15 year old Tomkin, a peppered grey black cat with sun bleached red highlights we met at The MEOW Foundation.

Abandoned by his “family”, he lived on the streets for more than a year with the help of a kind neighbor.   Surviving another winter would have been long odds for Tomkin based on his malnourished state when he arrived at MEOW this fall.  His bony hips and spine made you think twice about Continue reading »

Being Beyond Yourself

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Oct 272012


Are you speaking of empathy when you talked of feeling what another feels instead of needing to have their experience.

Your notions of empathy have an element of having to have been there in order to understand.

Know that you already are.

In your connectedness what happens to another happens to you if you allow that to happen.


Keep your distance and Continue reading »

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