Who’s Going First?

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Jan 122012


I have a hard time believing we are all supposed to move beyond our game.  That’s 7 billion people we’re talking about with very different lives and concerns.

I did not say you all had to move at once or to the same place.

If you all stopped playing your current game and moved to the next, your world would be a very different place.

And for some of you to move, others will Continue reading »

Battle Of The Weakest

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Aug 222011


Don’t we have to be strong to be open so we can face whatever we may see?

Quite the contrary.  Some of your most open moments may come when you are at your weakest.  What you call when your defenses are down.

But again, I point out you are treating all of this, all of life, as a battle.

Life has not waged a war on you.

Sure seems like it at times.  Continue reading »

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