Be Your Future

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Feb 282012


Clear yourself.

Let go of the clutter you have surrounded yourself with.

At the time it was not clutter but now that you have moved on, that which surrounds you is in your way, slowing you down, holding you back.

You do not need this anymore.

You are free of Continue reading »

On The Table

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Jan 212012


If clarity begins in confusion, how does that help getting clear?

What you do not know is what holds you back.

As does doubt, another form or expression of confusion.

I’m sure there are many words too long to list here you can identify with as part of confusion, or just holding you back.

To start with where you are confused is Continue reading »

Christmas Shift

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Dec 242011


The “Christmas Shift” kicked in yesterday, a day earlier than usual I suspect from people’s thoughts turning to the weekend ahead of schedule.  Even those who aren’t “tuned in” can notice a difference in the energy today and tomorrow – a stillness or a vibration change some sort that underlies even the busiest moments.

While mulling on this I noticed Continue reading »

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