Creative Control

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Nov 232012

Seek it and you shall find it but don’t seek too hard because that screws things up as you say.  It embodies or infuses the wrong energy into the creation process and pushes what you desire away.

Be careful what you ask for because you do not want to have to push it away needlessly.

Can’t help but smile reading MAP – Day 7. I’m so happy for not keeping count of things Continue reading »

In A Nutshell

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Nov 192012

… are you willing to pay attention?  That is the key.  That is critical.

If you do nothing else, pay attention to what you are doing and the nuances will begin to appear.  Right before your very eyes.  Learn about yourself and see who you really are.

Only Map – Day 3 and this whole journey we are on was placed neatly in a nutshell. Continue reading »

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