Order Of Chaos

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May 082013

Chaos gets a bad rap.

Concentrated energy in a small space of time is powerfully uncomfortable. Something we don’t believe capable of handling.

But we can, and do.

Chaotic Order


Perhaps upheaval is a good thing. We take notice. Continue reading »

Case Of The Crazies

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Feb 182013

Never mind the nasty flu and colds going around these past few weeks. Seems like a bad case of the crazies has broken out recently. Practically everyone I talk to can recall more than one incidence of weirdness and idiocy coming from all directions.

In a nut shell, Continue reading »

Creation Of Light

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Dec 042012

Think of a kaleidoscope and all the magic it holds.  You change that so easily.  You do not hold it in the same place all the time.  You delight in seeing more, how the light changes as you roll it around.

I love the analogy of a kaleidoscope introduced in MAP – Day 18.

Light passes through multi-coloured particles and reflects off mirrors to create the image we see.

Light also passes through our Continue reading »

Reason To Wait

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Nov 262012

The diabolical duo of impatient procrastination springs to mind reading MAP – Day 10.


Might stem from the consistent, perhaps more accurately – persistent questioning to awareness of “when are you going to change?” … not if, but when.

Change your perspective now instead of waiting for tomorrow.  You will not regret the earlier change for it will get you on your path sooner.

Hold onto that thought.  For you are never not on your path but you can feel Continue reading »

Instrument Of Change

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Nov 252012

The tension spots are a point at which you know change can occur so look for those. Be aware of them for they are the point at which you can break the old energy – however it may appear – and start or try something new or different.  … They have the least resistance – sort of a weak spot in all the rest of the tension but a point of breakage.

MAP – Day 9 provides a different way to Continue reading »

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