Allowing Creation

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Jan 162013

This afternoon the unspoken, but very clear message from the vet is we’re headed towards losing a fourth cat in four years.

This is one annual event I will be deeply grateful to see stop.


The curious part is watching myself go through the process, especially since Continue reading »

Merry Christmas Day

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Dec 112012

Hope for a better world does not come from outside of you.  It comes from within you. … take one step into your being, into that place that makes you smile because you know this is you, this is how you were meant to be.

Hands down, MAP – Day 25 remains an all time favourite worth reading – Every. Single. Day.

Not only until to you get it, but until Continue reading »

Aug 042012


We’ve talked before about being in motion.  Yesterday you said we can’t be still.  But doesn’t that all mean we are doing instead of being?

Again I tell you, your notion of what it means to be is incorrect.

Your being is always changing.

You are the furthest thing from still.


To say you are still and motionless is to say Continue reading »

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