Flying After Time

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Sep 292013

Last week I had the brilliant idea of writing every Sunday as a way to ensure I brought purposeful attention to writing and

A quick look at the last post shows how unsuccessful I was.

Even funnier is the last post shows how I managed to skip right past August and now nearly pole vaulting September.

Where does the time go?

If I could even catch a glimpse of time I’d follow right behind out the window to see where it flies.

I suspect I’d have all the time in the world upon reaching the final destination.


Tiki TimeCan’t you just picture all those seconds lounging on a sunny beach somewhere with umbrella drinks in hand.

Hours playing volleyball, months out para-sailing and years singing karaoke in the tiki hut bar.


But what if we’re supposed to follow time out the window, to stop measuring ourselves against lines, numbers and letters on paper.

I notice I’m most productive when I forget about time.

There’s a shift from an external, yet self-induced pressure to listening more deeply within.

What’s important shows itself more readily in the presence of less noise.


Through this lens, the days behind me take on a much different perspective.

Much has been accomplished when I look at what’s happened without the sequence of time.


Floor Of Stories

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Feb 102013

After spending time yesterday on hands and knees cleaning the hardwood floor, I have to wonder if human beings evolved to stand erect so they wouldn’t see what the floors really look like most of the time.

Dings, dirt, nail scratches, cat hair, and blotches Continue reading »

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