Who’s Going First?

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Jan 122012


I have a hard time believing we are all supposed to move beyond our game.  That’s 7 billion people we’re talking about with very different lives and concerns.

I did not say you all had to move at once or to the same place.

If you all stopped playing your current game and moved to the next, your world would be a very different place.

And for some of you to move, others will Continue reading »

Believe The Truth

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Dec 182011


I suppose I’m a bit slow these days.  I just realized we are talking about giving and receiving, and Christmas is only a week away.

One of your starkest times of the year for seeing what is real and what you believe or say is true.

Your actions speak louder than words at this time of year in particular.

The stories you tell yourself in the name of something else are very clear.  Continue reading »

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