Out Of Service

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Dec 142011


Your answer to my question about being in service to you or anyone seemed a little circuitous or unclear in parts.  Can we tackle this again?

There is no need to tackle anything.  The answer is already within your grasp.

Your idea of service is based on the notion of lack.  You want or need something and somebody else will give it to you.

How often do you call Continue reading »

Spread Yourself Around

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Oct 162011


Yesterday‘s writing sounded a little political.

Everything is political because politics is about how you organize yourselves.

You are always organizing so you are always politicking.

You might want to consider that the time has come to change your politics to reflect where you want to go rather than where you came from.

You have an example of that being tried but has not gone so well.

Many of you said you desire change yet you fell into old habits and were not willing to change too.  Continue reading »

Enough Already

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Oct 152011


How does our thrivival depend on each other?  Aren’t we better off going it alone and doing what needs to get done?

Your problems now come from doing what you think needs to get done.  Do you want more of the same of just getting by?

Not everyone is just getting by.

No, that is true.

But by what definition are you talking?  Continue reading »

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