How We Arrived Here

Oh how tempting to leave in the generic filler verbiage rather than talking about ourselves.  For as much as I want to say “Who Me?!” I can’t help but hear in quick response “Why Not You!!!”

Kitchen Table Wisdom began in the kitchen … at the sink doing dishes rather than at a table.  Doing dishes by hand provided the luxury of not only slowing down, it created the space for engaging in meaningful conversations, diving into the unknown and pondering Great Questions.  Our kitchen sink expanded to tables of friends who in turn added their wisdom into the mix.  It is truly amazing how limitless one’s perspective can be once allowed to stretch.

Open up your invitation and say Yes! to joining all of us around the table to share your insights, experience and wisdom as well as listen.  All you need to bring your willingness to explore, your courage to expand and your brilliance to Light up the room.

There is always something we do not know, the knowing of which will change everything.


Let’s Chat

Feel free to share your insights or start a conversation around any of the posts by using the corresponding comments field.  If you would prefer to contact us directly you are welcome to send an email to


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