Nov 112013


It has been a very long time.

Yes, and but less than a microsecond.

Your hangup about time does not serve you.


Well, I didn’t expect today to go in that direction.

Well, what have you been fighting for oh so long?


And you are surprised?

Not now I suppose.


You will learn that time does not matter. It is not matter.

The only energy time has is what you give to it.


Let your clock tick away without hesitation.

All in good time you like to say.

Not in time, alongside.


You see time as a container in which to place things.

There is only so much room when that something doesn’t exist.

Live alongside time, not within.

You are much bigger than such a small construct.


Where would we be without time?

Everywhere. And anywhere.


See, there would be no order, chaos would run amok.

You are saying that for the sake of argument.

I know. But somebody is thinking that.

Indeed. And you have opened the door to a deeper conversation.


Time To Get Things Done


Time is a tool you use. You created.

Before you came along there was no need for time.

When you are always changing, what need then is there to mark what happened when.

That is of no concern.


So much for the past. Or memories.

Not at all.

Your capacity to remember and create are all of the same source.

Have you considered the possibility you are recreating your past to bring it into the present.


Besides, time only serves to make your life linear, a straight line without deviation or parallels.

And you wonder why you don’t have enough time.

Because you do not allow for another possibility, another reality to come forth.

You see a straight line as orderly and any deviation towards chaos.


You would do well to live a little wider than you do now.

You would be closer to life as it truly is.

Many things are going on at once, as they are now for you.

Let them be, flow on their own to see where that takes you.


So much for appointments or showing up for work on time.

Again a tool you have made time to control your lives.

Your natural sense of rhythm is downplayed, dampened and yes, squashed. Even though you hesitate to use that word.

You punch a clock to control, not live.

You make yourself a thing rather than a who.

And this you know because you feel it too.


So what can we do?

Live a little.

Be alive in your own body.

Let your soul through.


Pay attention.


Find the rhythm of flow.


You will give up at first.

You will say you hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing.

You don’t have time.


Ah, but you do.


Reshape your world by how you think of time.

Let yourself play instead of trying to make this work – because then you have added the expectation of when something should show up.

Back into time you go.






See with new eyes. Different eyes.

Let go of all that you should and just be.

Move through your day being instead of checking things off a list.


We’ll never get anything done.

We have had this conversation many times before.

You will get more done being you than just doing all that needs to be done.

You will have all the time in the world.

You will have you on your side, the flow flowing through you.


Time does not help you.

It only serves to constrict you and see falsely your world.

Follow your lead and you shall tap into a greater source of being than you can ever hope to accomplish on your own.

Time is neither fried or foe.

Merely a tool you determine how best, or worst, to use.


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