May 172013

I’ve been hyper-aware of creativity this week thanks to the spotlight shone by Bliss Habits.

Taking an honest look at my own story around who I am creatively caused me to see anew what creativity really is – a vibration, an energy, a flow.

Not the end or a beginning, not a process or result. Those are best left for derivative words like creator, creation and create.

Which doesn’t make them less, just different. More facets of experience to explore.


The hyper-awareness plugged me into a seemingly frivolous experience two days back.

The new cordless phone system had arrived and the handsets now fully charged. Time for swapping out the old was at hand.

The bank of four phones in the office were last up. (You might think excessive, but low battery signals in the middle of an extended important meeting won’t happen again.)


As with many advances in technology, newer means thinner, smaller and lighter.

We already have a problem with cats knocking phones of the stands for both to fall behind the shelf.

The new handsets barely held the chargers down, so the likelihood of chargers and phones being toppled about would easily turn into a daily frustration.

What to do?


Then creativity kicked in. Sparks flew. Ideas flashed.

The buzz was enlivening.

I smiled at feeling the vibration within letting me know “I’m here! I’m here!”


Honestly speaking, this was a small, trivial problem at best. Certainly no grandiose, earth shattering, game changing or awe inspiring results were to come.

Yet creativity showed up anyway and made its presence known instead of quietly working away.


A cat food flat on hand with slits in the back was perfect.

Certainly functional not fashionable, but a solution totally in step with the farmer in me.


Splash Of Creation


As I look back on all of this I’m left to ponder …

are problems slyly engineered by creativity to express itself? If no problems existed in the world, then what?







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