Apr 202013

The next (and previous) in line of life lessons learned from cats.


Lesson 2 – Change Changes


Shortly before I started hearing a number of references about change, I was reflecting on how the shy cats have come out of their shell since arriving home.

Shy cats are shy for varying reasons to varying degrees. Combine shy with unique personalities and you have to let go of any notion of “what works for one works for another.”


I Do It My Way


At the extremes of change style are Rosalita and Cassia.

Cassia is a fine example of super slow and steady. Her changes would be imperceptible if you weren’t paying closing attention.

Rosalita on the other hand grows by leaps and bounds. One day she’s afraid of something and the next she’s gung-ho.


Go figure.


Change happens.

Trying to control change is about as exasperating as trying to control a cat.

Be where a cat is, and struggle gives way to a dance.

Be where change is, and a dance begins too.


Letting go of expectations reveals the beauty of what’s already here and ignites the possibilities of what might be.

You see with different eyes now and that changes everything.





Prior Life Lessons


Lesson 1 – You can’t hide from yourself.



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