Mar 302013

I’ve been musing of late on the life lessons learned from cats. Not sure how many we’ll end up with in the end, but with a few this might as well be as a good a time as any to start.


Lesson 1 – You Can’t Hide From Yourself


You know that saying how we are all reflections of each other so we can see ourselves.

I must say seeing yourself in your cats is a little freaky at first, but nonetheless true.

This is even more apparent with adopting several at once.


Cats are as unique in their quirkiness as people.  Getting acquainted with multiple cats at the same time, and shy ones at that, means paying attention in greater detail in order to connect with each one. (Scenes of Downton Abbey and lady’s maids dance through my head. She only had to know intimately one mistress rather than several. And she didn’t do double duty as a housemaid either.)

Through getting to know the cats and describing their personalities to others, I began to see in each an aspect or three of me. Even the I-guess-not-so-well-hidden ones.

There I am.


Yet when I see me out there I’m not caught up in the good or bad. I just am.

Some sort of “separation objectivity” appears.

There’s an opportunity to see differently from out here what I normally see from in there.


If all you see is water, water everywhere, chances are you’re response will be of one to drowning.

Separation from yourself allows creates the space to see if you’re in the shallow end of a pool or surrounded by ocean. A whole new world of possibilities of what to do opens up.

Seeing you out there is using the illusion of separation to bring you closer to you.

A very skilled play I’d say.





Next Life Lesson


Lesson 2 – Change changes.


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