Mar 192013

How quickly a month zooms by since cancer kitty’s last ultrasound.

The vet* remains baffled as to why he is still here and what is happening with his insides.

But then again, we have energy in play alongside the drugs.


We’re still taking life day to day, enjoying each evening snuggle and meal gulped down.

Not knowing continues to be leveraged on our side.


On one hand I don’t want to know which has the greater effect – energy or drugs,

on another it doesn’t matter.

On a third hand I know there is something greater at work and that is what matters.


There’s a lot more going on than we’ll ever know about, but really don’t have to.

We can become a part by stepping into the whole. We don’t need to know the inner workings to receive the benefit.


Our minds might explode into a million pieces if we tried to know everything we could.

Maybe we’re designed that way. We’ve hit the point of letting go in order to move beyond.

There’s a new way of thinking in town and it doesn’t involve control, dissection or proof.


What’s real might just be found in the opposite direction towards seeing the bigger picture and all together.

We need to move past the need to know in order to really Know at the level we are seeking.

A whole new world will be upon us and the experimentation will start all over again.


* I just want to say the vet is amazing. Not only smart and able to pull together a formula to try without anything to go on, she’s also the kind of person you’d love to have over for dinner because of the conversations you’d have, and laugh off a ton of calories.


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