Jan 282013

There’s a joke about how to make God laugh … make a plan.

Throw in a convincing “come hell or high water” about cleaning toilets and God must start busting a gut.



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Hard to imagine what else could have be thrown in the way last week.

Somehow I feel as if writing about the difference between goals and intentions wasn’t enough. The rubber needed to hit the road – as if engraving was required, not just imprinting.

Practicum 101. How serious was I about paying attention to what showed up.  And not getting caught up in what I thought?


The interesting part was watching myself as each new situation appeared. I was conscious of myself not reacting, but instead choosing my response.

Except the toilets clung on for longer than they should, and thankfully much less than they could have.


In the grander scheme of everything going on, toilets meant nothing.

Yet because they were something I said I would do by a specific time, I gave a rigidity of inflexible energy to toilets in my mind. They become a diversion and a struggle – much more than what they really are – toilets.


Where are toilets bogging you down – metaphorical and not.








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