Jan 272013


An interesting week for sure.

Behind or ahead?


Should I say both, for different reasons?

You should say whatever best expresses you and the world you wish to create.

What is real after all?



What is more important about this week past is your willingness to let go and let flow.

You remain with a specific idea in mind and yet that does not appear.

You are feeling pressure, a leaning in of sorts to consider other possibilities.


This is where you come in.

Do you continue with what you thought or do you see anew what is before you?

You can struggle or let go.


Are you saying once again that everything is out of our control, or predetermined?

I am saying what is going on is life around you, and life is bigger than you have considered.

There is more than meets the eye.

Maybe it is you who is pressing yourself.


Struggle Or Let Go

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Doesn’t feel that way.

From where you sit.


You might just surprise yourself how much of you there is going on.

You have a limited view of yourself until you take everything into consideration.

Just know there is much more going on you can tap into.


And you will as you let go.


You become of another world.

You live outside or inside another [world].

You see differently.

There is nothing you are not.


And this is what you are up to.

To keep moving towards the all of you and becoming the you you really are.


When you let go out of control you give yourself more space to move and to see much more of all that is going on.

You become a part instead of apart.

This is your create and control.

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