Jan 212013


I’m here.  Still.  Again.

You never left.


But it feels like forever since we were here.

In this form maybe but we have continued to talk nonetheless.

We are always connected in so many ways beyond words.

There is no telling where this stops and nor would we want to.


Where would be the fun in that?

To stop means we would have to start again.

So we might as well keep on.


You would know that too well.

Too well indeed. We pick up where we left off.


You would do well just to listen for now. More deeply once again.

You do not need to be still, just quiet.

And attentive.


Quiet But Not Still

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Learn to tell the difference between being busy as a way to throw things in your path as a diversion and motion because you are engaged fully in expressing you.


I thought we were always expressing ourselves.

This is very true.

The question to ask yourself then is who is the you expressing?

The you desiring a diversion is not the same you engaged in shining through.


You really have no need for diversions anymore.

They have become a choice to create and carry with you.


So listen and acknowledge what you already know.

Clear your path ahead and travel more easily without the added weight of so much extra.


Stay in the open and you will not be bogged down.

Full steam ahead and being aware are not exclusive to one another.

More maneuverability you shall have.


Clear, open, true.

Express you.


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