Jan 052013


I was going to ask you about your comment of answers coming outside of yourself and not always within.

So what has changed? Are you no longer going to ask?

Have you found your answers?


Maybe, maybe not.

You know as well as I you must look at the finer side of life.

The truth you look for will not be found at the level you are looking.

Dive in to see what’s underneath.


You don’t want to know but you do.

Your world will change but it won’t.


What do you truly desire? To move forward or remain where you are?

The two will not happen together.


And to take a sneak peek at the answer – you will always win out in the end.

Change will happen.

Transitions will be made.


What are you waiting for?


You will never be ready entirely.

By then you are too late and will have changed anyway.

At that point you are ready to make the leap after next.


Do you see how you will not be denied despite yourself?


Now what is your question?

As I said, I was going to ask about finding answers outside yourself when you have said not to.


What I said was a finer slice of life.

I did not to say to look outside yourself.

What I said was to look for you outside yourself.

You do not have to give your power away in order to get it back.


Pay closer attention to where your answers might show up.

Not as in waiting for them so much as recognizing them.

Some of what you hear will clearly be someone else telling you what to do.

Some will be you telling you.


You must look to the vibration or whatever signal you choose to tell the difference between the two.

You must use more than your mind to listen.

Some answers you will hear inside and others out.

At the same time you will have a feeling as to what is true for you, an alignment of sorts.


This does not mean you will always be comfortable with or like what you hear.

But you will know it is true.


Do not assume either what you hear in your mind is all true too.

There is much at work to keep you from yourself.

You must allow yourself to feel what your mind is saying.

Not everything is the truth there either.


You cannot live at the same level you were.

You have asked for more, to be more you and to live your true self.

From that you have set wheels in motion.


Your old ways will no longer do.

You are moving now into another stage of you, just as you did as a child.

You weren’t denied then and you shall not be denied now.


You did not want to hold back then and remain where you were.

Do not let yourself hold back now.

You weren’t in your way back then so it is up to you to decide the same now.


This is evolution at work.

The same experience ramped up to experience anew what is old.


There are new experiences to behold as well.

Time to move on to those.

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