Jan 042013


You were right.

About what?

About taking the time to step back, centre and listen. I was off track.


I was getting caught up in shoulds. Listening outside essentially, instead of within.


Selectivity is a good skill to have.

Do not close yourself to that which you hear outside of yourself because some of that is you speaking to yourself too.

All the answers within don’t come from within.


Your mind is a wondrous thing.

Use it wisely to discern you talking versus others.

And by that I mean you can get caught up trying to listen to everything and hear nothing.


Look for what is in alignment with you.

The vibration will have a signature of sorts.

Pay attention to that.


Be picky about what you give your attention to.

You can be pulled many different ways for no good reason.

This is why you have said to use your inner self as a compass to guide you through murky waters. Or just crowded with many vessels.

Clear sailing is ahead when you concern yourself with where you are first and where you are trying to head.


But isn’t that  the key – knowing where you are heading?

Yes. It always has been.

That is creation.

The more you know yourself the easier you create.


You want to create without knowing.

A very messy proposition indeed.

You can be all over the place very quickly.

And then frustrated you become.


Know yourself.

And remember.

Do not play this game of opening yourself up to greater depths only to forget.

You are only fooling yourself.


Decide you are moving on to greater pastures and the journey shall be yours.

Moving is what you desire but you have to leave from where you are now to see your desired fulfilled.

You will and are.


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