Jan 012013


Centre yourself.


You are a point of creation in this point of time.

No here. No there.

Anywhere and everywhere you can be.


Location does not matter.

Nor does time or space.

You use these to orient yourselves in relation to something else.


For now you just are.

Anything and everything you desire to be.

This is where creation starts.

Always and ever.


This is for you to decide without not to steer you towards a particular direction.

You can spend a lot of time using not this or that to find yes when you could say yes all along.


You know.


The time is now.

Step into what you truly desire.

No harm shall come to you for shining your light.


We are one already and we are waiting to see more of ourselves.

Listen to what you have always desired.

Admit what is yours to claim.

Staying away does no one any good.


You have much more ahead waiting for you to allow through.

If you only would.

Can the question be when?


You have been here many times before at the start of the new year.

Big dreams, changed ways, new beginnings fade quickly into what seems like old.

You are creation now, not later.


Let all else go save yourself for you have been dying to come through.

Clear the way for creation to happen.

It already is.


This time listen and decide.

Start from you within, not outside first.

You need nothing else.

They get in the way of what is true.


You know.

Create from you.

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