Dec 312012


Ahh, the end of another year.

And the beginning of a new one.

Which direction do you choose to look?

Or any direction at all?


You would do well to give up your notions of time as we have discussed many times before.

You are locked in by that which does not exist.

Except in your mind.

Free yourself by freeing up time.


Give yourself to others and care not how long it takes you.

Measure not duration but the joy you bring to others by helping them be themselves.

The difference you make is far more important than the length.


Take a smile for instance.

You must give  of yourself when a smile is true from the heart and yet it takes but a second of your time.

You can see another in their eyes as you pass them by. Another moment simply given of you.

And yet how long did it take?


Think not in terms of what you have to give for you will always turn first to what you don’t have or have little of.

All will pale in comparison to what you have within.


But there is nothing to it.


You can’t measure it or put it in a box with a bow.

You cannot buy with money or trade for who you really are.

All anybody truly wants is to be you.


Scary thought indeed you say.

But when you are you, they tap into something greater too.

And together you create even more.


Do not worry about your times of celebration to mark an occasion.

Each moment is special and a chance for you to shine through.

Leave behind your beginnings and ends.

They do more to hold you here than you know.


Live each moment for what it is – life, and life creating anew.

You do not need to measure what you have accomplished within this time frame or that.

There is never a need to keep score.


Think instead about you being who you really are and the rest will take care of itself.

There is no other way when you live true to life.

We become me and you.


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