Dec 282012


Let’s talk more about this idea of my life to give.

Ties in with your other question about giving up notions of having your own time.


How so?

You are coming to realize your life and your time are not your own.



These concepts of ownership and control come from your ideas of separation.

Only when you pull away from each other can you start to believe there are barriers between you.

You cannot keep yourself contained well enough to completely pull away.

No matter how hard you try.


And believe me, try you do.

A force against nature which you shall always lose.

How can you be apart from that which you are a part?


You cannot separate yourself from the whole.

Except in your mind.

So your mind is in a constant battle with who you really are, your true nature.

Until you let go of your mind that is.


You don’t have to lose your mind, just lessen its grip on your reality.

There is a lot more real for you to behold.

And behold you shall.


You are beginning to step outside the constructs created long ago in order to survive the game.

But the game is no more.

You have grown weary of being held back from who you are.

Your true nature cannot be denied.


How do you hold back life? The same life that courses throughout your universe and beyond.

Do you think you shall win?


You must move into life and become a part once again.

Let life course through your veins and your soul.


For when you do you will want nothing other than to be life and give life full expression through you.

No amount of money or things or control will satisfy you.

The power you believe you seek outside yourself is no match for the force within.


Life is all around you.

Is you.


There is no end to what you can give, not of yourself but of life.

There is more than enough life to go around and to keep giving.

Just as there is time.

There is no end to time just as there is no beginning.


You are the creators of your world.

The rule makers and game changers.

The limits you have placed on yourself are no more.

Unless you choose so.


The decision is yours now.

Always was, but you were not in a position to see.


Move into life.

Move in together.

Find each other again right where you’ve always been.


Drop the pretenses that have kept you apart.

There is more to life, and you, than you’ll ever know.

But you shall try to know nonetheless.

For that is who you are, and home is where you shall always be.


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