Dec 252012

Reflections on Christmas past to make what’s old new again …



whatever you seek is already inside of you.  … Go now and listen to the message you have to share. … Raise yourself higher to a vantage point that allows you to open yourself up to greater possibilities.  The possibility [of] what you have to share needs to be heard.

There is nothing we are missing.  Overlooking perhaps, but not missing.

Life is all around when we allow ourselves to see. Everything is right here in ways we have not thought of before.

Try as we may to hide, hold back, stay silent or doubt,  there are so many others waiting for us to show up and share who we really are as we give ourselves to the world.



The journey begins with an excited heart long before the first step, in knowing this is what you are meant to do.


Who is the twinkle in your eye long before you know how.

The inner impulse to be with one another as the full expression of ourselves is strong and powerful.

We are moved to overcome fears and comfort zones in order to “do what we have to do”.

Once the excited heart is opened, the only matter worth addressing is when, not if.


Your Life To Give

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The stars are not longer just in the skies. You are each a point of light that shall guide others home.

The Christmas story tells of a bright light guiding wise men to the place of a birth.

Their wisdom in part came from knowing what to see.

We have the wisdom to see the Light in each other we birth a new way of being – for them, ourselves and the world.



This is your life to live and your life to give.

This particular message from Christmas 2011 feels most appropriate as a parting gift from 2012 to carry forward into the new year.

Our unique expression of life is the one thing we bring into this world.  Giving our life is about living, not dying.

Even lacking time or money or things, we always have, and always will have, ourselves to share – in abundant abundance.


Giving life begets more life to live.

The answer we’ve been seeking has been there all along.





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