Dec 222012


Guess we’re still here.

You never left.

But have we arrived?

You tell me.

You are the ones with a long way to go, so you tell me.

Well, I’d have to say we are here but not as we’d like.

That is yours to create.


Do not wait for another.

Go first.

You always have and you always will.


Who else is there after all?


No one but you.

We are waiting for what has already happened so make it so.


There is much excitement around what you call a solstice.

And then you have placed much attention on the end of a so-called calendar.

You put a lot of emphasis into what you call time.


Your rituals keep you going.

Do they need to though?

How do you differ from those who have gone before and you ridicule for being primitive or stuck in the old?


You have a new story of the old.

A new version of the same.

You have not changed your ways as much as you believe.

And yet you have.


Live the new you.

Let you come forward.

The shift is at hand but you must see what is before you.


Play a new game with eyes wide open.

The old game with new pieces will not do.


Look at where you seek comfort and begin there.

This is the time for a truly new you.



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