Dec 162012

If there was one important take away from MAP – Day 30, I’d put “creation does not occur in isolation” at the top of the list for consideration. The implications from there are many.

There is much more at play than we give credit to.

Just thinking a thought does not make it so.


And thank goodness for that because I wouldn’t be here.

I would have disappeared a long time ago from one of numerous accidents or illnesses my mind would use as control.


I’ve also seen my thoughts turn into creations I hadn’t thought or expected.

But in retrospect they made total sense.

What was on the surface was rarely the true intent.


The more you connect into that higher place of thought for yourself, of yourself, the faster those things will appear to you.

The process of becoming truly clear takes much longer than creation itself.


Which begs a question of clarity – what is behind the burning desire for something to appear as quickly as possible in the first place?


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