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The tiniest detail holds more joy than you can imagine.  A miracle is there for you to behold in every moment. MAP – Day 29

Everything is the tiniest detail, or larger than life – just shift the perspective from which you’re viewing the world.


Miracle Of Details

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But how easily we can live at the surface and become blind to all that is really here in either, and all directions.

Size doesn’t matter for how we are able to perceive our world. Awareness does.


Imagine yourself having arrived at a scene such as this. Breathtakingly beautiful, but only scratching the surface.


Lake Louise: Pictures

This photo of Moraine Lake is courtesy of TripAdvisor



Consider the whole new world you see when you dive beneath the surface.

Then envision yourself atop one of the peaks taking in everything for almost ever.

Now you’re on the International Space Station.


Detail is all in perspective.

Use your awareness to shift perspective and see the many worlds before you in one.

They are all miracles waiting for you to behold.


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