Dec 132012

I almost hit gobsmacked reading MAP – Day 27 again, especially since what I’d forgotten this conversation.

My brightness came from a world of discovery, a love of learning, of being curious about the world.  I saw myself becoming dull  and more dull  the more I tried to get good grades and play their game.


So here in a conversation about being a bright child in school, I’m delivered a timely reminder about playing the game.

In fact I was having a very similar conversation this afternoon.


I can feel the same energy drain now of playing the business game as I did back in school.

Even more so juxtapositioned against the energy a few lines down with

Look around you and see what is bright within others – what they long to be.  Help them see that again, and to be that again.


I’m grateful the higher me is holding on tight with a short enough rope not to hang myself while still setting off light bulbs.





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