Dec 092012

Win at all cost will lose.  Eventually you will see that happen but what is the damage it causes in the meantime.

I had as big a Yes! a second time as the first on these thoughts in MAP – Day 23 about changing our concepts of the game.


Like everything else, our ideas about winning are being forced to evolving along with us.

The belief there is only one winner fits nicely into the story of survival of the fittest.

But what happens when you begin to realize how everything is interconnected and we are all part of the same whole in the end?


A major case of dissonance is what happens –  where the ties that bind begin to break down and create space for something new to appear.


Survival of the fittest ignores an essential point – we didn’t make it here alone.

We survive because we are together, not apart.


In order to win you need somebody to lose. There has to be an other.

So why not make the other win too?

Would make sense from the perspective of what you do to another you do to yourself.


But now we’re getting into the realm of abundance, what is enough and worthiness.

What if we didn’t see everything as a pie with the spoils to be divvied up?

Could we view our world instead as sunshine or wind that keeps flowing?


As we expand the ideas we hold about ourselves and who we are, so too will we see shifts in our beliefs about winning and losing.

Because winning and losing are ideas we made up in the first place.

Our story to make and our story to change.


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