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Lost is the perfect opportunity to shed the pretenses you have built for yourself and become trapped by them.                    from MAP – Day 17

Lost isn’t the worst place you can find yourself.

And I say that even after finding myself totally lost spiritually in the middle of Mexico, seven hours away from the airport, no transportation, and the extent of my Spanish was “¿Donde está el baño?”


No, the worst place to be is right before totally lost when you’ll do anything to hold on.

To anything.

But for what?


Shed The Trappings

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When you finally let go – truly let go – all that remains is you, and the freedom you’ve desperately sought to be you.

You and all possibility.

With nothing in the way and nothing holding you back, the clarity and openness is breathtaking.


Being lost is a blessing filled with beginnings.

When you feel yourself headed towards lost, run don’t walk to get there as fast as you can.

The life you’ve been longing for awaits.



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