Nov 302012

Seeing isn’t just about looking through your eyes. … Feeling is another way of seeing a whole different level.  There is more information in feeling than you’ll ever get with seeing.  The nuances are incredible and so subtle. …  You’ve become so accustomed to seeing you’ve forgotten how to see the details – to really look at the subtleties of what lays before you.

Reading MAP – Day 14 ignited the curiosity bug in the same way as the time of first writing.

The notion of our senses being on auto-pilot takes me back to a time in university when I first realized how dangerous auto-pilot can be.


On my way to university one morning I “woke up” to find myself more than half-way there, with literally no idea how.  Any recollection of navigating lights, merges, turns, lane changes were non-existent.

Yet there I was.

How could I have been so oblivious to everything around me while cruising through life down the road?


Any time we have a chance to tap into nuances and subtleties we stand in the doorway of whole new worlds waiting to be dis covered.

Our senses are no different.

Just playing with the suggestions mentioned brings me more fully present into life.


The best tip was saved for last –

Just play with life – and it will play with you.  Play dear playmate – play.

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