Nov 272012

Apparently the joke is on me.

Just when I think I’ve caught up I’m on the verge of behind again.

Only to read MAP – Day 11 about the direction of living.

Do we live inside out or outside in? 


The importance of directionality really hit home when I first realized the game I played as a kid.

I remember dynamics with my sister, for one, of handing over my power and then doing cartwheels and tricks to bend over backwards – figuratively thank goodness – to get my power back.

I gave up what I was to get back what I thought she had.


Pull the day inside of you, filter and project outwards.  You like to do it backwards.  Push outside of you, take it all in and then try to cope with what you have to deal with.  Become a better filter of what you want to process.  That is your choice – not theirs.

I’m the one to make a big deal – or not – of what the day holds.  I’m the one who allows being pulled into another’s vortex.

The circumstances can stay the same, but who I am being changes.


A much appreciated reminder indeed.



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