Nov 242012

Surprisingly, MAP – Day 8 was much more difficult to look back on than expected. So many ideas to choose from all contained within a thick energy to cut a path through.

Only later did I realize the interference I created back then had infused into the writing and carried on all this time.


Do I really want to acknowledge the full implication of what that means?

Too late.

Yes, I suppose.


While a logical choice might be to go deeper in the distinction between seeking, finding and discovery, the line waving for attention today is

We can create much faster when you acknowledge your part in it.

We are always creating.  Asking “can I create?” has already been answered.

The more fruitful question is to ask “what am I creating?”

The answers requires looking at our thoughts and desires – both spoken and not – to determine what creative energy we engaged to work.


Even as we bring our desires into alignment with our truest self expressed, denying our creative power as part of the creation process pushes away once again what we worked to overcome.

Amen to that.

Without our unique self-expression, the creation we bring into being wouldn’t exist. Owning that is part of being able to show up fully.


But teachings and notions around humility encourage us to push our power away.

Show up or step back – the struggle ensues causing creation to slow.


And we wonder why things don’t happen or appear as fast as we’d like.



* the typical convention used of denoting my voice differently from that which is coming through wasn’t applicable.   Bold italics is used in this case to denote what is being channeled.

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