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When will I get my life back, when my life is my own?

Your first mistake is having the impression you own life, if only your part.


Life is not owned or controlled.

Life is lived.

Just as you are lived.  Life expressing through you.


Turn your thoughts around and put life in the driver’s seat.


So we have no control ultimately.  Fate, destiny is a done deal.

Life is a done deal.

Always has and always will.

Move into life instead of staying apart.


As long as you assume you have a life of your own you separate yourself from all that is.

The illusion starts.

You assume you have a beginning and an end.


Become part of life rather than trying to make life a part of you.

Do you see what a huge difference that makes, that one turn of thinking?


But we’re already run ragged.  And you want us to take on more?

Have you ever considered the possibility you might take on less?

And have more energy to do so with all of us with you?

Instead of going life alone, life becomes you.


Freedom To Be You

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Imagine yourself infused with life – is that not what you have been asking for?

All along the answer was right before your very eyes.


Let life carry you.

That is who you are anyway.


Why struggle against what already is?

You wonder why making a life for yourself can be so difficult.

Do you see now?

There is nothing to make and all to be.


Allow yourself the freedom of being you.

Let life guide you instead of trying to guide life.

Who has more practice at this – the eternity of you or the here-for-a-blink you?

There is nothing to do and all to be.



Really listen.

All the doing in the world will not make you into what you desire.

In fact, you can venture further away as you already know.


Stop what you’re doing and be yourself.

See your life through life, not you.

Allow life to flow through you and carry you instead of always going against.


You shall be amazed at how quickly life turns around because it was you who turned.

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